FREE Augmented Reality Protest Mask!
print this marker-
tape it to something flat-
then attach it to your head-
come to Wall street today at 4:00 pm > sharp
load OCCUPYar channel from the Junaio smart phone app-
Have a friend look at you with your smart phone.
Keep the star in the camera view, move slowly.
Try to stay out of the shadows-
Have fun!
 Staturday Nov 12 @ 4 P.M. SHARP [Please arrive @ 3:30 for a free AR mask!]


This is a special invitation to an the first ever “Augmented Reality Flashmob Protest” @ the New York Stock Exchange [NYSE] at Wall Street. The event will take place on SATURDAY Nov 12th at 4:00 p.m.


What to do-
***Try not to get arrested, if it looks like trouble walk away
1. Before you come to the NYSE download the Layar and Junaio apps to your Supported Smart phone. [see bottom of page for
supported phones].
2. Arrive at Wall Street NYSE around 3 to 3:30. Participants are asked to show up at Wall Street / NYSE at least 10 mins early.
Have your volume turned all the way down-
3. Special hats/head bands will be given out between 3-3:30 next to Trinity church by a person wearing this bag
Ask the person wearing this Bag if they are “George”- to get a FREE Augmented Reality Mask
this can be you!
4. After getting your hat walk to the NYSE, try not to attract attention-
5. First load the Layar app, in the menu chose “layars” and search for “aroccupy”. Choose the Layar called “Occupy AR”-
It is VERY important that everyone is looking at the same layar at 4:00-
The Occupy AR Layar will have works from all the artists in one Layar.
6. A> Find a spot along the police metal fence [if the fence is still there] facing the NYSE try to get a good view of the stock exchange.
Our goal will be to line the fence with Flash mobers so it’s ok if you move to different areas.
B> If the fence is gone stand somewhere between the Federal Hall Memorial [looks like Parthenon] and the NYSE.
7. At 4:00 everyone one will load the OccupyAR Layar on the Layar app- turn your volume up slowly – don’t make it to load to attract police attention.
8. After viewing the Occupy AR Layar at 4:00 click begin to click on augments to open individual artists Layars or search the term “aroccupy”.
9. If you are wearing the AR Mask some people will come around and video you with the mask with an iPad. They will not be able to see your face-
Please try to pose for them ^^
If you are having problems loading the app-
Hold you SMARTPHONE UP [as if u are trying to take a picture] and scratch your head- A project assistant will attempt to aid you with time permitting.
Once you get it working act like you are taking pictures w ur phone until 4:00.
Supported Phones & Tablets
The iPhone 3GS and newer will work- [sadly the 3G will not work]
Most Android Phones will work-
The iPad 2 is the best choice for a tablet.
The most current Black Berries will work [test b4 u come] Sharing this InvitationDevotion Gallery is sponsoring this ongoing event

You can become George Washington!


#arOCCUPYWALLSTREET Opens Nov 12th [Saturday] @ Wall Street! at 4:00 sharp!!!

Please come on time or u will miss out-

The best time to see the event will be at 4:00-

Opening Info PDF here – devotion_release3