There are 2 ways to participate-

1. For people with experience using augmented reality -Please add your augments at Wall Street and let me know about it-

put them here

40.706791, -74.010891

I will document your work and send you video of it. If you would give me your model I will add it to a master protest layar which will combine all the protesters into one large protest. It’s fine to make your own protest on your own layar or channel [I want to link to your work].

2. Bull Parade Commissions 



3. For people who don’t know how to use augmented reality but want to participate –

Take a photo or short video of yourself-

Act like you are holding a protest sign [wave it around if you are shooting video].

send it to me

I will add it to the Augmented Reality Protest at Wall Street.



have ideas or images they would like to add to the protest please contact me and I will do my best to include your idea in the protest.