GLOBAL CALL — Augmented Reality Activists to WALL STREET!!

This site is dedicated to the augmented reality occupation of Wall Street #arOCCUPYWALLSTREET in conjunction with the #OCCUPYWALLSTREET movement.

New to OCCUPY…

pool hopping on the island of the bull [augmented reality performance]

Augmented Reality Flash Mob @ Wall Street!

OPEN-ed NOV 12th [Saturday] at 4:00 @ WALL ST / NYSE  










1st Global Augmented Reality Protest & Flashmob

What’s happening-

Protesters were not allowed to protest at Wall Street forcing them blocks from the New York Stock Exchange [NYSE] to the Zuccotti Park. Wall Street was barricaded off. Only part of the sidewalk is accessible to the public and there is a constant police presence around both the protesters and the NYSE at all times.

#arOCCUPYWALLSTREET takes the protest to the heart of the financial district, placing them directly in front of the NYSE. Augments now blanket the entire financial district.

Augmented reality gives protesters a global voice. The protest has spread to the White House lawn!

Please join the cause and augment Wall Street!

We caged the Bull!

We brought the protest to the NYSE.

Please see a full list of the projects here-

Activists from around the world are invited to